River Cruises

The question everyone is asking: Why are river cruises so popular?

 Here are some of the answers from our customers:

     •  It is slower paced, more intimate, and features hard to reach ports
     •  All the ships are state of the art
     •  Your group has more time in the destination as opposed to cruising at sea
     •  Because of the greater time at the destinations – the group can interact more fully with the local culture
     •  River cruise ships are much more intimate with 200 passenger vessels rather than the much larger ocean ships
     •  Excursions are often included and many of the itineraries are all inclusive

But the most important reason River cruises are so popular is for their itineraries!  

Here are some customer favorites:

     •  Rhine Getaway Basel to Amsterdam
     •  Grand European Budapest to Amsterdam
     •  Paris to the Swiss Alps
     •  Paris to Zurich
     •  Waterways of the Tsars Moscow to St. Petersburg

River Cruise Vacations

Rheinstein Castle at Rhine Valley (Rhine Gorge) in Germany. Built in 1316 and rebuilt in 1825-1844.

Rhine Getaway

Lyon Square

Lyon & Provence

Cruise ships going by Parliament building down the Danube river, Budapest, Hungary

Romantic Danube

Porto Portugal Square

Douro – Portugal’s River of Gold

Paris Square

Paris & The Heart of Normandy

Berlin Xmas Market Square

Christmas Markets

The  bridge on river of city Dresden, Germany.

Elegant Elbe

Egyptian pyramids - Egypt Travel

Pharaohs & Pyramids

St. Petersburg - Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, Russia

Waterways of the Tsars

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